Language School


We have locations in the United Kingdom and Germany and offer in-house corporate language training. For further information, please use the contact form.


With over 25 years' experience in corporate language training, we are the specialists in providing language courses for local industry with a particular focus being on Business English and Technical English.

Although English is the main requirement in the geographical areas we cover, we also offer other languages, ranging from French, Spanish and Italian to Chinese, Indonesian and Thai.

Internal workshops

We appreciate the importance of ongoing training and provide maximum support for our teachers.

Members of the LinguaServe team at a teacher training session


With proven expertise in preparing candidates for a variety of examinations (e.g. Cambridge ESOL FCE, CAE, CPE and  BEC exams, TOEFL , TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge, WiDAF and TFI), our range extends beyond the classroom and beyond the boardroom.

Teacher training

As teacher trainers, we have a long track record of supporting and assisting our profession both nationwide and internationally. Contact us for further details of forthcoming workshops or presentations for teachers.

Hands-on effective learning can be both  rewarding and enjoyable.

Accredited Test Centre for TOEIC® TOEIC Bridge™ TFI™ and TOEFL-ITP®